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I woke up thinking ;I wonder what happened last night?;我醒来后想知道 昨晚发生了什么You never think about stopping. You keep drinking.你永远也不会想停止 只是不停的喝Hangovers are horrendous.醒酒过程是可怕的I woke up this morning and I was like ;Oh I feel rough.;我早上起来 感觉不舒So it#39;s the end of the night and the beginning of a new day.晚上结束了 新的一天开始了And I#39;ve seen so many stories我看到太多的事件where alcohol has been an integral part -饮酒作为庆祝活动必不可少的部分celebrations and then the cruel and nasty side of alcohol I guess.然后就是令人痛苦和令人厌恶的收场The fights disappointments arguments.打斗 沮丧 争吵And what I#39;m seeing is the clear-up operation.现在看到的是在做清洁工作People all around really tidying up...周围都是人在收拾整理bottles hundreds of them.酒瓶 得有数百个了And how many从现在开始一小时内countless thousands of people有多少不计其数的人们in an hour from now will wake up with a rotten hangover将处在虚弱的醒酒过程中say to themselves ;Thats it.他们对着自己说 就这一次了I#39;m not doing that again.;我再也不这样喝了重点解释:1.wake up 醒来,意识到例句:She woke up in the middle of an exciting dream.她从一场兴奋的梦境中醒来2.tidy up 整理; 收拾例句:He began to tidy up his desk and finish off the week#39;s work.他开始整理书桌,结束一周的工作。3. hundreds of 许许多多的;成百上千的例句:The railway traverses hundreds of miles of desert.这条铁路贯穿数百英里的沙漠。 Article/201508/394939

With events now spiralling out of control,随着事件不断升级趋向失控Pym saw this was the moment to try and strip the king of virtually all his authority.皮姆认为时机已到 是时候剥夺国王的所有权力了Charles#39;s response was to try to arrest him.查理的应对之策是企图逮捕皮姆But Pym and four other parliamentary leaders had been tipped off that the king was marching on parliament with an armed guard.但皮姆和另外四个议会领袖收到了风声 得知国王正带领全副武装的卫队前往议会They waited till the last moment and slipped out of the back.他们等到最后关头从后门溜走Charles was left empty-handed.It was an unmitigated fiasco.让查理扑了个空 那全然是一场失败The gamble had only been worthwhile so long as Charles was sure of total success.除非有一网打尽的把握 否则这场豪赌查理必输无疑Exposed now, just as Pym had wanted,as a naked, abject failure,阴谋暴露了 正如皮姆希望的 在这次惨重的失败之后Charles appeared to be something worse than a despot,a blundering despot.查理的形象已不仅是残暴不仁 更是愚蠢冒失Both sides were moving fast beyond any point of reconciliation.双方均无意和谈Pym made it clear that parliament now needed to protect itself and England from the king.皮姆明言议会现在需要保护自身和国家 不受国王迫害It set about raising an army.他们开始着手组建军队In July 1642,Bulstrode Whitelocke thought out loud about the abyss facing the country.1642年7月 布斯托得·怀特洛克不禁说出了 国家正面临的劫难It is strange to note how insensibly we have slipped into this beginning of a civil war by one unexpected accident after another,我们不知不觉中竟卷入了 一场内战 预料之外的打击接连来袭as waves of the sea would have brought us this far and which we scarce know how.就如一波波的暗潮将我们推到这里 而我们竟不知缘何落入这等境地What the issue shall be, no man alive can tell.没人能说出未来将会如何Probably few of us here may live to see the end of it.也许我们之中没几个人能活着看到结局 /201703/498288

Clack returned to Cambridge with dozens of tetrapod fossils.Clack带着许多四足动物化石回到了剑桥It meant that at last someone else would be able to do original work in the field of how we got our legs,这意味着其他人终于可以对我们长出腿的事件进行初步研究but the true importance of the trip did not emerge until 1990但是这趟旅程的重要性直到1990年才显露出来when a colleague, Mike Coats, started work on the specimen she#39;d almost thrown away, the acanthostega.当时她的同事Mike Coats正开始研究这件几乎被她丢弃的标本,棘螈He started to dig its hand out of the rock and he expected, of course, to find just five fingers.他开始清除前爪周围的石头,当然,他希望看到5根趾The first thing he found on this block was a finger. This digit here.他在这块区域找到的第一样东西是一根足趾,就是这根趾So we#39;ve got a number of finger bones aligned along the edge of this block.我们可以看到这个地方排列着好几根趾Then he continued with the preparation. He found the next finger which is here with its end curled over后来他继续清理,他在这里发现了第二根趾,趾尖是弯曲的and then a third similarly with this crooked finger end and a fourth, again with that,接着是第三根,同样也有类似弯曲的趾尖,第四根,也是如此and then there#39;s a gap and then he went on to find another finger. Individual finger bones are really quite clear接下来是一段空隙,他又找出了另一根趾头,每段趾骨都清晰可见and that makes a total of five, but he still had all this area here to prepare so instead of stopping这样他就找全了5根趾,但他还需要剖析这片区域,所以他没有停下来he went on to clean up the rest of this area and lo and behold here is another digit, so that makes six他继续清理剩下的部分,瞧,这看起来又是一根趾头,这样就是6根了and he expected to finish there and then to his amazement here#39;s a seventh and finally an eighth.他以为这样就结束了,但是让他吃惊的是,这里还有第七根趾,最后是第八根What? But it was true. Acanthostega had eight fingers on one hand.怎么会这样?但这却是事实,棘螈的一个爪子上有8根趾 Article/201702/494475


  栏目简介:《英国节日简介》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目通过英式英语视频讲解的形式来介绍英国的节日,能够帮助英语学习爱好者更好地了解英国的节日文化传统,从而加深对英语中一些习惯用语的理解,是提高英语文化素养的好材料。 Article/201509/400261。

  The educated materials presented here这里所用的教学材料were developed by students and faculty由爱荷华州立大学of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition食品科学与人类营养学系at Iowa State University.师生共同制作完成Funding for this project was provided by grants本项目的赞助资金来源于from the American Cancer Society Midwest美国中西部癌症学会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.以及兰斯·阿姆斯特朗基金The materials are intended for educational use此材料仅供教育教学使用and are not meant to provide medical advice.不能作为医学指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们欢迎您有关本材料的反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请登陆主页点击评估调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.告诉我们您的意见和建议Sodium: to salt or not to salt? Why talk about sodium?钠:要用盐还是不要用盐?为什么要讨论钠?Sodium is something that affects everyone, everyday.钠与每个人的日常生活都息息相关Everybody eats it and most people are unaware人们每天都会摄入钠,大多数人却没有意识到that they ingest far too much and are also unaware of他们已经摄入了过量的钠,也没有意识到the health implications of a high sodium diet.高钠食品对健康意味着什么Currently the government is trying to目前政府正试图要求食品公司push corporations to lower sodium in foods在出售给消费者的食品中available to consumers.降低钠的含量Sodium is an essential mineral钠是一种非常重要的矿物质which means it is vital for the human body.这也意味着它对于人类身体健康意义重大Chemically sodium is an electrolyte.从化学意义上讲钠是一种电解质Table salt is made up of both sodium and chloride.餐桌上的盐则是氯化钠Chloride is also an important nutrient.氯化物也是一种重要的营养物质But there#39;s no major health concerns但是在有关氯化物的摄入方面related to consumption of chloride.人们却没有特别的有关健康的忧虑As stated earlier sodium is an electrolyte.前面已经提到,钠是一种电解质A normal balance of electrolytes is essential to正常的电解质的平衡状态the normal function of cells and organs.对于细胞和器官的正常运转非常重要Electrolytes help maintain voltages across电解质有助于cell membranes especially维持细胞跨膜电压in heart muscle and nerve cells.尤其是心肌细胞和神经细胞They also carry electrical impulses它们还可以进行电脉冲to create nerve impulses and muscle contractions.来产生神经冲动和肌肉收缩Kidneys work to肾脏可以keep the electrolyte concentrations in blood constant.保持血液中的电解质浓度恒定In simpler terms sodium helps用简单的话来讲,钠有助于maintain balance of fluids,保持液体的平衡helps transmit nerve impulses有助于神经冲动的传递and influences contraction and relaxation of muscles.以及影响肌肉的收缩和放松Many foods naturally contain sodium.许多食品天然地含有钠元素The main source of sodium in processed foods加工食品中钠的来源plays an integral role in在食品加工和食品安全方面food processing and food safety.起着不可或缺的作用It enhances the flavor of foods by masking bitterness它通过掩盖苦和酸的味道and acidity and has the ability to来改善食品的口味make sweets taste sweeter.同时也可以使甜的味道更加浓烈Salt regulates the fermentation of yeast盐可以在烘培食品和酒精饮料中in baked goods and alcoholic beverages.调节酵母的发酵过程It is useful in the manipulation of aroma,它也有助于调节食品的香味color and texture of food.颜色和质地The most important function of salt is盐最重要的作用是to preserve food and slow microbial growth它有助于储存食品,减缓微生物生长速度which extends the shelf-life of perishable items.使易腐败食品延长保质期The 2005 dietary guidelines for healthy adults is2005年的健康成人膳食指南中推荐2300 mg per day,每天钠的摄入量为2300毫克while the populations that are high risk而高危人群的摄入量则仅为should only consume 1500 mg.1500毫克The average American consumes 3500 mg daily,普通美国人每天摄入量为3500毫克more than 1000 mg above the recommended amount.这一数值比推荐值高了1000毫克 Article/201505/373972

  Reinventing the classic French pastry重塑法式传统奶油夹心甜点The classic eclair pastry is making a comeback in Paris.这种经典的小饼糕点在巴黎再次重现。Now top French chefs are reinventing the traditional treat with a variety of modern flavours.现在法国顶级厨师们正用各种现代口味重新打造这道传统甜点。It#39;s more than 150 years old and the eclair still looks as good as ever.它已经有150多年的历史,而且看起来仍然一如既往的美味。Now the light sweet treat is making a comeback with top Parisian pastry chefs specialising in the eclair-in all the colours of the rainbow and in many flavours.经过巴黎专门从事甜点的糕点师重塑这种香甜可口的小甜点卷土重来—现在披上了虹般所有颜色的外衣而且有很多口味可供选择。 Article/201501/355566And the simplest way is for the pilot to flip the plane upside down and drop me out.最简单的办法是 飞行员让飞机倒着飞 然后把我扔出去Okay, Bear, we#39;re coming up on 8,000 feet now.You better get y to jump.贝尔 我们已爬升到八千英尺了 你最好准备好跳伞了So, he had to actually get out of the canopy,get onto the top of the plane,实际上 他不得不离开座舱 爬到机体之上and then if he jumped off the plane from that point,he would#39;ve hit the tail fin.但如果他在那就跳了的话 他会被尾翼打到的So the only way to get his body further away,we had to flip the plane upside down so he would just fall away.所以我们必须倒飞 这是让他远离尾翼的唯一办法 这样他就可以安全跳落了Bear#39;s feet being next to me here,literally in a heartbeat,his feet were now complete 180.当时贝尔的脚就在我旁边 就在这 而就在转眼间 他就来了个一百八十度转身Brilliant moment -- it was a brilliant moment.I absolutely love that moment.精的时刻 太精了 我爱死那个时刻了To this day, it still makes me smile that we pulled this one off.我至今仍很高兴我们渡过了那个难关There#39;s the plane out ahead!I don#39;t know where the hell I#39;m gonna land!我头顶上有架飞机 我都不知道我会落到什么鬼地方Coming up, my two favorite moments.Will you agree?我最爱的两个时刻即将上演 你同意吗I#39;m Bear Grylls.Welcome back to my 25 greatest moments.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 欢迎回到25个精片段集锦So far, I#39;ve made some grand entrances,had some very close shaves,put my stomach through some tough tests.目前为止 有闪亮登场 有过与死神擦肩而过 拿我的胃做了一些极端的实验But now it#39;s time for my top two moments.现在是时候揭晓 最为精的两个时刻 Article/201612/484832

  音乐家和创新家奥尼克斯·阿善堤演示了“节拍爵士”--他的音乐是由两个手持控制器,一个iPhone和一个吹口器组成,伴随着全身的表演。在TED全频谱试演上,在他的音乐节拍和循环锁定中,他演示了一个3分钟的歌曲,分享了他对音乐的未来展望。 Article/201501/352824



  North Korea tested another missile on Wednesday. But according to U.S. military officials, it exploded seconds after being launched. 周三,朝鲜试射了另一枚导弹。但据美国军方官员称,导弹发射几秒后爆炸。North Korea has been stepping up the pace of its missile tests, raising tensions across the continent. The launch failure Wednesday highlights some recent setbacks for the country#39;s missile program.一直以来,朝鲜加快导弹试射的步伐,加剧整个大陆的紧张局势。周三发射失败凸显近期朝鲜导弹计划遭遇一些挫折。Earlier this month, the North successfully fired four missiles simultaneously in Japan#39;s direction. U.S. officials confirmed North Korea#39;s plan had been for five missiles, but one failed to launch. 本月早些时候,朝鲜成功向日本方向同时发射了四枚导弹。美国官员实,朝鲜的计划是五枚导弹,但有一枚发射失败。As of Wednesday morning, officials hadn#39;t said what kind of missile was involved in the failed launch. But if it was an intermediate-range Musudan, Wednesday#39;s test would echo seven failures in 2016. 截至周三上午,官员们没有透露发射失败的是什么类型的导弹。如果是中程舞水端导弹,周三的测试再现2016年的七次失败。The country didn#39;t appear to release footage of Wednesday#39;s failed launch, which occurred during annual joint-military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea.朝鲜似乎没有公布周三失败的发射的画面,此时美国和韩国在进行年度联合军演。译文属。 Article/201703/499726

  To prove it they thought they needed just two fossils.他们认为明这一观点只需要两块化石They needed the first tetrapod, the very first land walking creature with four legs with five toes他们需要找到第一只四足动物,第一只具备四肢和五趾的陆行动物and they needed the fish from which it came, a fish that could grow legs.他们还需要找到它起源的那条鱼,一条能长出腿的鱼Find these two fossils, compare them and in the differences between them找到这两块化石,对它们进行比较,根据它们之间的区别we would learn the reason why a fish had developed legs.我们就能了解鱼进化出腿的原因They had one huge clue to set them off:有一条重要线索引导科学家进行探寻they knew this evolution must have happened 400 million years ago, in the Devonian era.他们知道这一进化过程肯定发生在4亿年前的泥盆纪The Devonian is so long ago that barely any rock can now be found from it, let alone fossils,泥盆纪距今甚为久远,如今那个时代的岩层已难觅踪迹,更不用说化石了but academics knew that before it nothing walked and after it everything did,不过学者们知道,在此之前没有能行走的动物,而这之后却是谁都能行走so the evolution of legs must have happened then and they thought they knew something else.所以腿的进化必然发生在那个年代,而且他们还了解别的情况Textbooks said it was a time of blistering heat when almost nothing could live on the land, not even plants.教科书中记载当时的气候酷热难耐,任何生物都无法在陆地上生存,甚至连植物也不例外It meant most life survived not on land but in the water.也就是说大部分生物并非生活在陆地上,而是呆在水中This was the age of fish and one of them, the one with the beginning of legs, was the first fossil they needed to find.那是鱼的时代,而其中一条鱼拥有腿的雏形,那就是他们要找的化石。 Article/201701/488736


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