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A dog and a sow were arguing and each claimed that its own young ones were finer than those of any other animal. ;Well,; said the sow at last, ;mine can see, at any rate, when they come into the world: but yours are born blind.;星期天小明有很多事情要做。早上,他有时和朋友骑自行车去北海公园。他们在那玩游戏,比如棋类游戏,划船或钓鱼。但是他经常去学校的图书馆看书或者做作业。他认为早上是学习的最佳时间。看书后他下午经常去体育馆踢足球。比赛过程中他不仅可以和他的朋友玩还可以锻炼健康的身体。傍晚,他就回家吃晚饭了。吃过晚饭,他经常玩电脑游戏或者看电视,体育节目是他的最爱。他通常十点睡觉,早上7点起床。


Every student wants to earn enough money to buy a beautiful house or a fancy car; they are enjoying what money brings for them. But comparing to these material things, the sense of success occupies more important position. The first job plays an important part in forming students’ career outlook and ambition. While the high-pay job lacks of vitality and creativity, students will lose themselves easily.

  students pursue graduate studies just because they want to improve their social

  High school students are under great pressure, they want to do best in the exams, because it means so much for them, if they do well, it means they can enter a good college and have a bright future. But most students are confused with their study, even they work so hard on it, they just couldn’t get the better result. The ways to improve study is very important, students must learn them, so that they can learn in the sufficient way. First, students must foster their interest, they should have interest in the subjects, so that they are willing to learn and won’t treat the subjects as the burden. Second, they need to practice more. As the saying that practice makes perfect, so students must take more exercise, in that case, they will master the knowledge. Improving the study is not easy, so it should move step by step.。


  is better late than never. Prompt and strict measures should be taken to turnfar as I am concerned, names can not decide any things.;Father,; she answered, ;this calf is the son of our master. I smile with joy at seeing him still alive, and I weep to think of his mother, who was sacrificed yesterday as a cow. These changes have been wrought by our master's wife, who hated the mother and son.;

  interest is the best teacher. No matter who wants learn or do something,据说中国的父母是世界上最负责任的父母,打从孩子出生,他们就为孩子计划了一切,他们选择学校,孩子的业余爱好,甚至于孩子的玩伴。中国的父母想要把孩子培养成优秀的人,他们对孩子给予了很多的希望。然而据说中国的孩子是世界上最不幸福的孩子,因为他们按照父母的医院活着,没有自己的想法。两边的说法反应了中国的家庭现状,父母给予孩子太多压力,孩子对于父母的期望感到不开心。确实,我有同感,我的父母总是想要我成为第一名,他们告诉我要拿最高分,我觉得很累,告诉了父母自己的想法,然而他们开始意识到自己的期望已经成为了我的负担。父母应该给孩子一些空间。

  earthquake disasters happened than the past is that they don’t familiar with

  According to some social surveys, we can see that the。

  balanced diet. Their food must contain vitamin and protein. Third, there is also

  sociability are essential to success, but I think they are the most important

  Thou shalt have thy crumbs of bread,

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