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西吉县泌尿外科固原有治狐臭的地方吗?Migrants fleeing the Middle East and north Africa are aly risking everything as they try to escape war at home。从中东和北非逃离的移民,甘冒任何风险逃避发生在家乡的战乱。当货轮Ezadeen号满载数百名移民抵达意大利南部港口克里尼亚诺时,一名男子正在船上等待着。The two ;ghost ships; discovered sailing towards the Italian coast last week with hundreds of migrants but no crew on board are just the latest symptom of what experts consider to be the worlds largest wave of mass-migration since the end of the second world war.上周人们发现两艘没有船员的“幽灵船”满载数百移民正驶往意大利海岸。不过这还只是冰山一角。专家们估计自二战结束以来,世界最大一波大规模移民潮已然形成。Wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq, severe repression in Eritrea, and spiralling instability across much of the Arab world have all contributed to the displacement of around 16.7 million refugees worldwide.发生在叙利亚、利比亚和伊拉克的战争,发生在厄立特里亚的严重压迫人权行为,以及横贯大部分阿拉伯世界的持续激增的不稳定性,已经为世界贡献了1,670万流动难民。A further 33.3 million people are ;internally displaced; within their own war-torn countries, forcing many of those originally from the Middle East to cross the lesser evil of the Mediterranean in increasingly dangerous ways, all in the distant hope of a better life in Europe.还有3,330万难民在他们自己被战火蹂躏的家园里流动。这又迫使许多原本来自中东的难民甘冒越来越大的风险,横跨危险性相对较小的地中海,实现其在欧洲过上更好生活的梦想;These numbers are unprecedented,; said Leonard Doyle, spokesman for the International Organisation for Migration. ;In terms of refugees and migrants, nothing has been seen like this since world war two, and even then (the flow of migration) was in the opposite direction.;国际移民组织的发言人莱昂纳多·多伊尔说:“移民人口的数字是空前巨大的。就难民和移民来讲,自从二战以来,还没见过像这样的,即便那个时候移民潮流向相反的方向。”European politicians believe they can discourage migrants from crossing the Mediterranean simply by reducing rescue operations. But refugees say that the scale of unrest in the Middle East, including in the countries in which they initially sought sanctuary, leaves them with no option but to take their chances at sea.欧洲的政客们相信他们仅凭削减救援行动就能阻止移民横渡地中海。但是难民们则说在中东,还有在那些他们原先寻求庇护的国家里,局势动荡的规模已经让他们别无选择,只好到大海里试试运气。More than 45,000 migrants risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean to reach Italy and Malta in 2013, and 700 died doing so. The number of dead rose more than four times in 2014 to 3,224.2013年就有超5,000名移民冒着生命危险穿越地中海到达意大利和马耳他,其00人死亡。而到014年死亡人数陡倍,达到3,224人;We know people who died they used to live with us,; said Qassim, a Syrian refugee in Egypt who now wants to reach Europe. ;But we will try again to cross the sea because theres no life for us Syrians here.;昆西姆是一位叙利亚难民,现在在埃及,他想去欧洲。他说:“我们认识那些死了的人,他们以前和我们住在一起。尽管如此,我们还是要再次尝试穿越大海,因为在叙利亚这边已经没法活了。”In Egypt, up to 300,000 refugees from the Syrian war were initially welcomed with open arms. But after Cairos sudden regime change in summer 2013, the atmosphere turned drastically, leading to rampant xenophobia against Syriansand increased arrests and detentions of those who, for understandable reasons, did not carry the correct residency paperwork.在埃及生活着超过300,000名因叙利亚战争流离失所的难民。起初他们是受到欢迎的。但是发生在2013年夏天的那场突如其来的开罗政变,使得(欢迎)气氛急转直下,并直接导致对叙利亚人的疯狂排外。虽然有可理解的原因,但是那些没有符合标准的居留文件的难民,还是遭到逮捕和扣押。The situation is even worse in Jordan and in Lebanon, which now houses more than 1 million Syrian refugees more than a fifth of the countrys total population.在约旦和黎巴嫩的情况更糟。因为约旦和黎巴嫩也百多万叙利亚难民提供了庇护,而这些难民的总人数已经超过两国人口的1/5。Their presence has created an unprecedented strain on national resources, leading to the Lebanese government tightening restrictions last week on Syrians entering the country. And while Turkey has simultaneously moved to strengthen refugees rights, Turkish shores are likely to remain a popular launch pad for migrants looking to reach Europe because of both the comparatively high cost of living, as well as rising xenophobia, particularly in the countrys south.难民的存在让国家资源变得前所未有的紧张,这直接导致上周黎巴嫩政府收紧进入该国的叙利亚难民人数的限制。不过与此同时,土耳其却正在加强难民的权利。土耳其的海岸线,尤其是在土耳其南部的,对那些想去欧洲的移民来说很像一个理想的发射台,因为这边和那边都有相对较高的生活成本和一浪高过一浪的排外浪潮。Libya, another major point on the migration route from the Middle East and north Africa, is also no longer a safe haven after a civil war erupted there last year. The plight of refugees there, as well as across the region, makes a mockery of those who suggest the wave of migration is caused simply by economic migrants.利比亚作为中东和北非移民路线上的另一个重要点,自去年内战爆发,也不再是安全的避难所了。移民在那里遭遇的困境,和他们在该地区其他地方遭遇的困境一样,都在无情地嘲笑着那些认为移民潮仅仅是由经济原因造成的人们;If theyre economic migrants,; asked Doyle, ;then how do we explain that after every outbreak of violence and repression we get a new wave of people from the area thats just had that outbreak? Why was it that, in the huge September disaster in the Mediterranean, the people who drowned were Palestinians, just a couple of weeks after the war between Gaza and Israel? And why is it that since last year there has been a steady flow of people from Eritrea, when we know there are serious problems in that country?;多伊尔问:“如果他们因经济原因而移民,那么我们该如何解释每一轮新的暴力冲突和压迫过后,我们就会从该地区接收一波新的移民,而该地区上一轮暴力冲突才刚结束?还有,为什么加沙和以色列开战才数周,地中海九月沉船事件中溺毙的就都是巴勒斯坦人呢?还有,为什么自从我们知道去年厄立特里亚发生严重问题以来,从那个地方就会有一股持续不断的移民流出来呢?”But such arguments have yet to convince the British government, which refused last October to help Mediterranean rescue operations, and which by last June had admitted fewer than 150 Syrian refugees.但是这样的观点并没有说英国政府。英国政府去年十月就拒绝帮助地中海救援行动,而去年六月也只接收了不到150名叙利亚难民。来 /201501/352318固原看生殖器的医院 The Obama administration is trying to refocus the fight with the president’s own party over trade as a question of US leadership, telling Democrats a failure to deliver a deal with Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim countries would hurt America’s standing in Asia.在与总统本人所属的民主党围绕贸易的斗争中,奥巴马政府正试图转变策略,把它说成是一个关系到美国领导力的问题。白宫官员们告诉民主党人,假如无法与日本1个环太平洋国家达成贸易协议,将损害美国在亚洲的地位。In an attempt to overcome Democratic opposition in Congress to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, administration officials have been lobbying members of Congress and others since Friday’s rebuke from representatives concerned about the impact of Mr Obama’s trade agenda on domestic jobs.为了消除民主党人在国会上对《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)的反对意见,自上周五众议员们因担心奥巴马贸易议程会损害国内就业而否决相关提案之后,官员们一直在游说国会议员和其他人士。At the core of the administration’s argument is that, if it failed to deliver the TPP, the US would be ceding leadership in Asia to a rising China. That would have consequences beyond trade and hit US efforts on issues from cyber security to human rights and maritime security in the South China Sea.奥巴马政府的核心论点是,如果未能达成TPP,美国将把在亚洲的领导地位拱手让给正在崛起的中国。其结果将不止影响贸易,还将打击美国在网络安全、人权及南中国海(South China Sea)海上安全等诸多问题上的努力。“It is hard to separate the future of TPP from the future of our efforts to demonstrate that the US is going to be engaged in the [Asia Pacific] region,a senior administration official said on Tuesday. “You cannot take TPP out of that equation without having a knock-on effect on the ability of the US to pursue a much broader agenda.”“很难把TPP的未来与我们为显示美国将参与亚太地区事务所做的努力分隔开来,”一名高级政府官员周二表示,“你不可能把TPP单独抽离出来,而不使美国推行更广泛议程的能力受到连锁影响。”One of President Barack Obama’s problems is that he has failed to convince Democrats on either the economic or geopolitical case for his trade agenda and the TPP.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)面临的一个麻烦是,无论是以经济方面的理由,还是以地缘政治方面的理由,他都没能说民主党人持他的贸易议程和TPP。Administration members acknowledge that for many in Congress the geopolitical case is alien, because to secure re-election they have to be able to make a simple case on jobs to their electorates. That is hard to do when competition with China has contributed to a hollowing out of the US manufacturing sector and the loss of millions of jobs over the past 15 years.政府官员承认,对很多议员来说,地缘政治之说感觉太遥远,因为如果要确保再次当选,他们必须用就业方面的理由来争取选民持。这一点很难做到,因为与中国的竞争已使得美国制造业空心化,过去15年美国流失了数百万就业岗位。Some lawmakers have complained that Mr Obama has focused on grand geopolitical ideas at the cost of domestic politics, and that this contributed to Democratsrebellion last Friday.一些议员抱怨称,奥巴马以牺牲国内政治为代价,把重点放在宏大的地缘政治概念上,造成了民主党人上周五的反戈。But with the battle for most Democratic votes effectively lost, the White House is turning back to geopolitics as an issue that some in the administration say can appeal to both pro-trade Democrats and Republicans.但是,在争取多数民主党人投票持的斗争实际上已经失败的情况下,白宫重新回到地缘政治的问题上。一些官员称这个话题既可以吸引持贸易的民主党人,也可以吸引共和党人。As evidence of what they see as rising trade competition with Beijing, officials on Wednesday pointed to a new trade deal signed between China and Australia, a TPP country.政府官员周三提到中国与澳大利亚(TPP谈判国之一)新签订的贸易协定,他们认为这是美国与中国贸易竞争不断加大的一个据。Andrew Robb, Australian trade minister, said the future of the TPP was looking “quite problematicbecause of Congressfailure to give Mr Obama the “fast-trackauthority he needs to complete the trade negotiations.澳大利亚贸易部长安德#8226;罗布(Andrew Robb)称,TPP的未来看起来“问题相当大”,因为美国国会未能授予奥巴马为完成贸易谈判所需要的“快车道fast-track)授权。“We are literally one week of negotiation away from completing this extraordinary deal, but the US Congress, as it has sometimes before, has caused a problem,Mr Robb said.“我们距完成这个非同寻常的协定还要进行一周左右的谈判,但是美国国会制造了一个麻烦,就像它以前有时的做法一样。”罗布称。“If it’s not dealt with in the next two or three weeks, I think we’ve got a real problem with the future of the TPP,he told Australian radio.“如果接下来的两三周无法解决这个麻烦,我认为TPP的未来就真的麻烦了,”他向澳大利亚广播公司表示。Supporters of Mr Obama’s agenda also deployed two old national security hands on Wednesday to make their geopolitical case.周三,奥巴马贸易议程的持者阵营由两名国土安全方面的老将出面,大谈地缘政治理由。Sandy Berger, who served as national security adviser to Bill Clinton, told reporters: “Our perception in Asia and our leadership in the world will be significantly affected.Countries in Asia “know China is going to be there in five years. They don’t know if we are going to be there in five years, or four years, or three years.he said.曾在比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)政府担任国家安全顾问的桑#8226;伯杰(Sandy Berger)向记者表示:“我们在亚洲的认知度以及我们在世界的领导力将会受到重大影响。”他说,亚洲国家“知年以后中国还会在那里。他们不知道5年以后,或年,或年以后,我们是否还会在亚洲”。Stephen Hadley, a former senior foreign policy adviser to President George W Bush, said the US was at risk of being left out as Asia was “knitting itself togethervia trade agreements with China and others. “The TPP is our way of getting back in the game of this economic and trade explosion in Asia,he said.原为小布什(George W Bush)高级外交政策顾问的斯蒂芬#8226;哈德Stephen Hadley)称,亚洲正在通过与中国和其他国家的贸易协定“紧密交织在一起”,美国面临被冷落的风险。“TPP是我们重回亚洲这场经济和贸易扩张的竞赛的途径。”来 /201506/382004固原专治性病医院地址

海原县治疗睾丸炎多少钱固原男科大夫 Russia said Tuesday one of its Su-24 fighter jets was shot down along the border between Turkey and Syria, but said ;firing from the ground; was responsible for downing the plane.俄罗斯星期二说,一架俄罗斯Su-24战机在土耳其与叙利亚边界坠毁,并说这架战机被“地面炮火”击萀?Turkish military officials, however, said their F-16 jets shot down the plane after it violated the countrys airspace and ignored 10 warnings in the span of five minutes to leave.土耳其军方官员说,这家俄罗斯战机飞入土耳其领空,无视土耳其五分钟内发出0次要求其返回叙利亚空域的警告,随后被土耳其的F-16战机击落。Russias defense ministry said the jet never left Syrian territory. Russia also said its pilots ejected, but that their status was unknown. Video from the area appeared to show two pilots parachuting down from the sky, and Turkeys Dogan news agency said Russian helicopters were searching the area.俄罗斯国防部说,这架战机一直从未飞离叙利亚领空。俄罗斯还表示,这架战机的飞行员跳伞,但目前的情况尚不清楚。来自该地区的视频显示,两名飞行员使用降落伞从空中下降。土耳其媒体说,俄罗斯直升飞机正在搜索这一地区。A Kremlin spokesman called it a ;very serious incident; but said it was too early to draw conclusions.克里姆林宫的一位发言人称之为“非常严重的事件”,但是说要下定论为时尚早。A U.S. State Department spokesman says they cannot confirm press reports that Turkish jets have downed a warplane of unknown origin, but are monitoring the situation closely.美国国务院发言人说,目前还不能实媒体有关土耳其战机击落一架国籍不明战机的报道,但正密切关注事态发展。来 /201511/411921固原男科医院有泌尿专科

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