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How To Dress For the Office During the Summer on Howcast Even the most casual workplace has do’s and don’ts when it comes to appropriate hot weather attire. Here are the basics.You Will NeedCommon sense Corporate culture Luxe fabrics Groomed feet Step 1: Use common sense(利用常识,注意办公室是相对比较正式的场合)Err on the side of modesty. Scorching temperatures don’t give you license to bare your midriff, flash cleavage, or wear short shorts.Step 2: Consider the corporate culture(看看公司的具体情况,是否可以穿比较休闲的)Consider the culture; how you should dress depends in large part on where you live and the industry in which you work. Check out what your managers are wearing for guidance on what’s appropriate in your office.Step 3: Focus on fabrics(棉制的衣是个不错的选择)Focus on the fabric of an item, as well as the cut. Most tee shirts and tank tops are inappropriate — unless they’re made out of silk or another high-quality material. Long linen shorts might be acceptable where cotton or denim ones wouldn’t.Step 4: Factor in your feet(最好不要选择凉拖)When it comes to footwear, factor in the condition of your feet. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a pedicure, your feet are covered in blisters, or you have bunions, choose closed-toe shoes over sandals.Flip-flops may be okay if they’re stylish, but save the generic rubber ones for the pool.Step 5: Don't overdress(不要穿的过于正式,以免大家穿的很休闲,让自己显得很突兀)Don’t sweat it out in business suits and shoes if everyone else is wearing khaki and sandals. Being too dressed up looks just as awkward as being too dressed down, in any season.One survey found that 35 percent of employers surveyed say they’ve had to send workers home to change clothes because of inappropriate dress.201007/108270。

  • Cleared SAS Sniper To Face Firearms RetrialA family is ;in shock; over plans to put Sergeant Danny Nightingale back on trial for illegal posession of 9mm pistol.英国特种空勤狙击手丹尼·南丁格尔军士因案被英国军事法庭判处18个月监禁!不过他本人与民众对此不,提出上诉,要求释放!法院将进一步举行听会!择期审理该案件!Less than 3 weeks after his conviction for having an illegal weapon and ammunition was quashed by the appeal court, SAS sergeant Danny Nightingale now knows he will have to face a new military trial for the same offenses.The service prosecution authority has confirmed its pressing ahead with the legal proceedings. Danny has been forbidden by his army bosses from speaking to the media, but his wife says the family was convinced the case would be dropped.I think when we start to get our hopes, they wouldnt actually go ahead with the retrial, so in fact they have decided now to push along with the retrial. Its come with a little bit of shock.Danny Nightingale goes into his new trial knowing that army doctors have now declared him unfit for active service following a brain injury 4 years ago, so whatever the outcome of the legal case, sergeant Nightingales military career appears to be over.He has been giving a mental health team, he has been giving a brain injury team, theyre all looking and helping not just Danny but also his family to deal with, his brain injury not happens on a day to day bases, but the fact that this is leading to a medical discharge, its really sad for Danny to accept you know that would be the end of his career in the army.The SAS snipers lawyer says he is confident he will clear Danny Nightingales name.Prosecution here is going to have to prove that sergeant Nightingale had knowledge that he was in possession of the firearm and his defence is that hes suffering from a permanent brain injury that resulted in him completely forgotten he was in possession that essentially would be the issue before the court martial.When Danny Nightingales legal journey does come to an end, whatever the verdict, he knows hell no longer be in the army, but assumes to be ex-special force soldier, there are aly plenty of job offers. /201304/233888。
  • Deadly fumes pump out of the trucks.卡车排放出致命废气They build up in the tunnel.这些气体在隧道里聚集They get into the mens lungs, into their blood.进入工人们的肺部和血液中You men, get him out of here.你派几个人把他弄出去Carbon monoxide poisoning claims hundreds of men.一氧化碳毒倒了数百人I went to work down there one night,and there was 17 men in my crew.有天晚上我在那干活,队里本来有17个人The next morning,myself and three others was all that was left.第二天早上,只剩下我和另外3个了All the rest was taken out sick. It was rough.其他的都病倒了,条件非常艰苦Crowe has only one working rule.克罗对工作只有一个要求To hell with excuses-- get results.别给我借口 我要结果But the drive to get results quickly will have deadly consequences.但这样急于求成将导致致命后果Men desperate to keep their jobs make mistakes like trying to clear rubble before the blasting is finished.竭力保住工作的工人不免忙中出错,诸如爆破还没完成就试图去清理碎石You are having to dynamite areas and you have to dig out.爆破之后 还需要挖掘清理Theres machinery,but youre still using a lot of pick and shovel.Treacherous work.虽然有机器但仍然要用锄头和铲子去挖,危险重重A miners wife remembers one worker, desperate to keep his job.一名矿工的妻子还记得有位竭力想保住工作的工人Everybody was trying to work in the tunnels.每个人都想进隧道里工作This man was so anxious to work that he just went into the tunnel too quick.这个人太急于表现太快就冲进了隧道中Just as he put his shovel in, there was a delayed blast.刚把铲子伸进去 一个炸弹延时爆炸了 /201301/220189。
  • Communicating with your cats can be a difficult task. Learn to understand your cats communication skills, how to recognize behaviors, and how to communicate back in this veterinarian instructional .与你的猫猫交流是一个十分艰巨的任务。通过这个视频学会理解你的猫,以及猫猫的沟通技巧,如何正确认识它的行为,以及这种可爱的动物如何与人沟通。201204/178596。
  • 今晚,男子110米栏“三驾马车”将同场竞技,让我们拭目以待,看看罗伯斯、刘翔和奥利弗谁将成为110米栏的霸主。 Monday night, the spotlight will turn to the finals of the men's 110m hurdles, and it's shaping up to be a great one. For the first time in a long time, the top three hurdlers in the world, Chinese Olympic hero Liu Xiang, world record holder Dayron Robles of Cuba, and American powerhouse David Oliver are all healthy and y to go head-to head on Monday evening. Liu Xiang said, "I felt pretty good, in the first round, and my goal is to reach the finals. Today is easy for me, and the result is even beyond my expectations. I think I ran very well today. As for my coach...he is very careful and is always worried about me. But I am a veteran on the track, and I know how to deal with all kinds of things. " Jiang Fan, Chinese 110m hurdles athlete said, "I just broke though with my own personal best, and for me this is not a surprise. I trained very well over the days here and my conditioning is very good after I came back from the Universiade. Today I competed with Oliver in one group, but it didn't affect me at all, I just ran against myself." Shi Dongpeng from Chinese 110m hurdles team said, "I will go back and think about how to run in the semi's tomorrow, and hope I can run even faster."词汇学习:1. spotlightn. 聚光灯;关注中心 vt. 使注意;聚光照明例句:This week the spotlight is on the world of fashion. 本周引人瞩目的是时装界。2. hurdlen. 跳栏,栏架;障碍,困难 vi. 进行跨栏赛例句:He won the 400 metres hurdles. 他在400米跨栏赛中获胜。3. world record holder 世界纪录保持者4. veteran n. 老兵;经验丰富的人,老手例句:Richard was a veteran of many battles. 理查是个身经百战的老兵。201108/151394。
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